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13' Solo Canoe

Damselfly, a 13' solo canoeThis is a shorter version of the Solitude I designed it for mydaughter when she was eight, though I have found I like paddling it myself. It has a similar feel to the Solitude though is a bit more responsive.

A great day boat, it could also be used as a tripping boat for the smaller person with a light camping kit. It has plenty of tumblehome for ease of paddling and the bottom is a comfortable shallow arch. Ample rocker in the bow allows it to turn well, yet with slightly less rocker in the stern and also the way the arched hull turns to a "V" at the stems make this little boat track just fine.

The seat may be set up with a tilt for kneeling or flat for sitting. Either way, you will find you can lean the boat slightly to where it firms-up, shortening your reach and allowing it to be paddled almost effortlessly. If you are wanting to use it mostly for fishing there is a flatter spot in the center where it will sit if we drop the seat for additional stability.

Tumblehome, 1 3/4" of rocker, shallow arched hull.

Length: 13' Weight: 35 lbs.
Width at gunwale: 27 1/2" Depth at midships: 11 1/2"
Width at beam: 29 1/2" Height at ends: 18"
Width at 4" WL 28" Price: $3895
"I really like it, daddy."
~ Fiona Gordon Comb, Knife River, MN