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16'6" Solo/Tandem Canoe

Malacite, wood and canvas canoeThe Malacite is a wood and canvas canoe loosely modeled after a bark canoe built by the Malacite tribe in Eastern Canada. Below the water line in owes a great deal to the Mad River canoe by the same name.

An ash keelson runs from stem to stem to hold the hull shape. The shallow "V" bottom makes the boat tenaciously hold its course, yet the rocker permits easy turning.

Designed as a light tandem canoe it is also wonderful as a larger solo canoe. You may order this with one, two or three seats. There is enough freeboard to handle tandem canoe trips and extensive solo expeditions.

For straight-out paddling I think this is the best combination solo and tandem canoe in our line. This canoe is a real joy to paddle!

Moderate tumblehome, 2" of rocker with a shallow "V" bottom.

Length: 16'10" Weight: 65 lbs.
Width at gunwale: 34" Depth at midships: 12 3/4"
Width at beam: 34 3/4" Height at ends: 23"
Width at 4" WL 32" Price: $4,595