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16'10" Tandem Canoe

Stillwater, a 17' tandem canoeThis canoe is a marriage of an E. M. White guide and a canoe built by the Geo. Muller Boatworks in Stillwater, Minnesota, circa 1935. It has the classic White sheerline and stem profile, while below the water line is the work-horse Muller had in mind. My intention was to fill the niche of a larger stable canoe for family use and fishing. This it does quite well - the flattened bottom affords good initial stability, while the Stillwater's rounded bilges also provide for good secondary stability, allowing the waves to roll around them - keeping the rocking from waves to a minimum. The small amount of rocker and fine lines in the entry and exit help this boat track very well.

While I was optomistically expecting this canoe to do all of the above well, I was not prepared for how fast it is. The fine entry gradually splays into the flattened bottom giving it "lift", allowing this canoe to approach hull speed very quickly.

The net result is: the Stillwater is an excellent big water lakes canoe which fits the needs of a stable family canoe and of a canoe to be used for a day of fishing. It has very quickly become our family's favorite for canoe-camping in the Boundary Waters.

Tumblehome sides, 3/4" of rocker with a flattened bottom.

Length: 16'10" Weight: 65 lbs.
Width at gunwale: 34" Depth at midships: 12 1/2"
Width at beam: 35 1/2" Height at ends: 23"
Width at 4" WL 34" Price: $4995
"My family and I really love this boat. It is a dream to paddle and a beautiful sight as it moves through the water. I am also impressed with how well it does with a load – 2 years ago I paddled it fully loaded down Mountain Lake against a headwind with my (then) 12 year old daughter in the bow. It tracked perfectly and felt very stable in the waves. Everyone fights over who gets to paddle in it
(as opposed to the Bell).
~Elliot Bruhl Sitka, Alaska
"Wow, this canoe really takes off!."
~Alexandra Conover Willimantic, ME

(First impressions after she and husband Garrett took this boat for a spin at Northhouse Folk School in Grand Marais, Minnesota)