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Northern Light

A West Greenland Style Kayak

Northern Light, a Greenland style kayakNorthern Light is a Southwestern Greenland type wooden kayak built with a hybrid  marine plywood hull and wood strip deck. This boat is based on a traditional kayak design from Southwest Greenland. It has straighter sides than the Bluefin and a bit flatter "V" bottom. The slight rocker allows this boat to turn easily. It tracks well in flat water, though dropping the skeg is often required in a following sea. Being narrower than the Bluefin, the Northern Light has higher hull speed, though its stability is not much less, given the flatter bottom.

A comparitively low volume kayak, the Northern Light is a great  boat for an intermediate paddler, with enough room for camping gear. Hatches are cut out of the strip deck hiding the water-tight neoprene hatch cover underneath. A roomy cockpit allows for easy entry and egress.

Comes with a form-fitted foam seat and a foam covered wooden back rest. "Keepers" footrests are standard, as are wooden toggles through the bow and stern. Compass and retractable skeg are options (the skeg is recommended).

17'10" long

Depth at cockpit: 11-1/2" Height at stern deck: 7"
Width at deck: 21-1/2" Rocker: 2-1/4"
Width at chine: 18-1/2" Weight: 45 lbs
Height at bow: 18" Price: $4695