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  • A Good Skiff
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  • A Good Skiff
  • A Good Motor-Skiff
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Good Skiff

14'6" Rowing Skiff

Good Skiff, a Pete Culler design The Good Skiff is an R. D. "Pete" Culler design. A simple flat-bottom lapstrake rowing skiff, which, Mr. Culler noted, is "easy to build, though it's difficult to design a good one". I have named this the "Good Skiff" because I think Pete did design a "good one."

For such a simple craft, this boat rows extraordinarily well. It has good initial stability and, given the flare to the sides, it is also a dry boat even in a chop.

I build this boat with Okume marine plywood bottom and lapstrake sides on oak frames. Trim is normally oak or Ash, though Honduras Mahogany can be substituted for an additional $300. Ash used for frames and trim will reduce the weight. For an extra charge Sapele marine plywood is available. This offers greater rot resistance though adds weight.

Flared sides, 6" skeg at transom. Flat bottomed hull.

Length: 14'6" Weight: 135 lbs.
Width at gunwale: 4'5" Depth at midships: 11 1/2"
Width at bottom: 35 3/4" Depth at bow: 19"
Recommended oar size: 8 1/2' Price: $6595
"Hi Alex, We put the Good Skiff in the water this weekend for the summer season. I am always amazed at how fast and smoothly the boat glides through the water, as though it were on slick ice. We cruise with a trolling motor on the stern also, and it is a comfortable ride, especially at sunset on our quiet lake. The boat never fails to get compliments. The workmanship is excellent and it is easy on the eye."
~ Joel Baumwoll New York, NY
"Alex, we really enjoy rowing our "Good Skiff". When our son and grandkids are here, it barely has a moment to rest."
~Darrin Carlsberg Penn Yan, NY