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  • Breasthook detail
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  • Long decks from above
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  • Herreshoff/Gardner from above
  • Herreshoff/Gardner from above
  • Herreshoff/Gardner from above


17' Pulling Boat

Designed by L. Francis Herreshoff/modified by John GardnerThis is a wonderful double ended lapstrake rowing boat originally conceived by L. Francis Herreshoff and drawn, then modified by John Gardner.

Herreshoff was a renowned yacht designer and Gardner was the assistant curator of the Mystic Seaport maritime museum.

It is a boat to be rowed, swiftly, even in rough water. Gardner's revisions included broadening the flare in the bow to provide greater protection in an ample sea. I built this boat as a compromise to his first and second revisions; greater flare than the first and less than the second. I'm thinking that when you need the second revision you should probably stay at home or at least in harbor.

This boat is built with glued lapstrake Okume plywood (Sapele can be substituted) riveted to steam-bent Oak or Ash frames. Trim is normally Oak. Ash can be substituted for the same price. Cherry or Mahogany are offered for $200 additional.

Flared sides, 2 1/2" of rocker. Rounded hull with flat bottom board.

Length: 17' Weight: 125 lbs.
Width at gunwale: 47" Depth at midships: 13 3/4"
Width at bottom: 16 1/8" Depth at bow: 20"
Recommended oar size: 7 1/2' Price: $6295
"This is the best rowboat I've ever used. Pure beauty the way it moves along the water. Kudos to the builder!"
~George Stenn Eau Claire, WI