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canoe tacks

Brass Canoe Tacks

Brass canoe tacks have been in use as long as wood and canvas canoes have been made. They are very sharp-pointed cut nails that readily clench when confronted with a clenching iron or solid canoe form. We offer 3/4" tacks that are sized for 5/32" planking fastened to 5/16" thick ribs. We also have a half inch tack that we use with 1/4" thick ribs found in the ends of our tandem canoes and in our solo canoes. These tacks have a crowned oval head so the heads may be counter-sunk into the canoe planking with a minumum of compression to the surrounding wood by the hammer.

We also offer a 5/16" flat head cut tack for fastening canvas to the wooden stems.


Canoe tack sizes:
bronze screws

Bronze Screws

We use silicon bronze screws throughout our canoes. Bronze is stronger than brass, yet yields the same warm feel of brass. Maintaining similar metals is important if a canoe is to see salt water to prevent corrosion.For connecting inwales to decks we use a square drive flat head screw. These could also be used for attaching gunwales. We also offer a crowned oval head slotted screw for attaching our half-round outwales. Both are #8 screws 1 1/2" long.

Types of Screws

carriage bolts

Bronze Carriage Bolts

Our bronze carriage bolts have 3/16" diameter shank and a nicley domed carriage bolt head. They are offered in two lengths, both which have threads full length. Bolts come with bronze washers and bronze 10-24 threaded nuts.



Bronze Boatnails

We offer annular ring bronze boatnails in two lengths: 3/4" for nailing canoe ribs and planking to inwales and 1/2" for nailing the planking to the stems. Both are of 15 gauge wire shank which is just proud of 1/16" diameter.

Qty. / Lengths:
monel staples

Monel Staples

These 1/2" staples are genuine T-50 staples for the Arrow T-50 stapler. They are the perfect thing for stapling the canvas at the ribs. They are rust-proof, being 66% zinc and 33% copper and do not jamb like some of the generic stainless steel staples available. They come packed in boxes of 1000 staples. We offer them by the stick, which contains 83 individual staples. Two sticks are usually enough to do an ordinary canoe, even considering the average number of mishaps where the staple hits a nail beneath it and needs to be replaced with a new staple.



brass stem bands

Brass Stem Bands

Our brass stem bands have a concave back so that they can be bedded with bedding compound or caulking. They are 3/8 inch wide and are approximately 1/8 inch deep. These do not come pre-drilled. Bands come with enough 3/4" #4 brass screws to be attached to the wooden stems. These are available in four foot lengths.

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