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Miscellaneous Building Supplies



This is untreated Midwest Cotton Duck, which is what has been used to cover canoes of over 100 years. It can be stretched to fit a canoe like a tight glove and is extremely tough and durable. Since it is untreated and of cotton it is recommended that the canvas be treated with a clear wood preservative once on the canoe. The canvas is available in two widths, each of a different weight. The standard for most canoes is 60" wide and a #10 duck, which weighs approximately 15 ounces per square yard. For square stern canoes and sport boats we offer a 72' wide #8 duck which weighs about 18 ounces per yard.

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Size and Weight



This is a polyester fabric certified for use on airplanes. It is heat-shrinkable to fit a canoe or boat very tightly. Our fabric is 72" wide and weighs 3.7 ounces per square yard.

$16/linear yard (Add to your cart, then select the number of yards).

canvas filler

Canvas Filler

Our canvas filler is linseed oil-based with ground silica solids and other compounds along with thinners and driers to help it cure relatively quickly and fill evenly. The result is a canvas filler that can be rubbed into the weave of the canvas fairly rapidly. It should be ready for paint within two weeks at room temperature.

Cannot ship to Alaska, Canada or overseas.



Dacron Filler

This is a water-based filler formulated to be used on Dacron fabric-covered aircraft. It has silver-grey pigment to deter Ultra Violet degradation. The filler may be brushed or sprayed on and is easily sanded.

Available in quarts or gallons



Dacron Glue

This is a heat-sensitive glue that is used to glue the polyester fabric to the upper edge of the canoe and at the stems. It is brushed on and allowed to dry before the fabric is applied.

Offered in 3.5 ounce bottles. $15

Dacron tape

Dacron Bias Tape

2 inch wide bias tape has its weave on a 45 degree bias so it can be used to wrap around the stem of a canoe without bunching. This is designed to be glued in place with the Dacron glue. Sold by the foot. There are seams every so often on this tape, so order a bit extra to cut these out.

$.50 / foot Add to your cart and select the number of feet you desire.