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Tee shirts

Stewart River Tee

Our tee is velvety soft garment-dyed cotton with our silk-screened logo. Moss Green or Chocolate

Colors Sizes


Stewart River Cap

These are garment-dyed cotton canvas caps. They have an adjustable canvas strap with a brass buckle. A class-act in caps. One color: Moss green with embroidered logo in ivory with maroon highlights.


canoe seats

Canvas solo seat

This seat can be strapped to the inwales between ribs and provide a solo seat in a tandem canoe. Constructed of close-cell foam covered in waxed canvas it is comfortable and waterproof. It works best when the paddler's knees are braced to the bottom of the hull. Seat now includes a diagonal brace strap to prevent movement when paddling.


canoe seats

canoe seats

Padded canoe seat with bag

This seat bag easily attaches to the seat with side release buckles in the back and velcro-faced flaps on the sides that lock it in place on the seat. There is a foam pad above and a two inch deep bag below the seat to store rain jacket, camera or your lunch. It can be left on when portaging as it will not hang down to block your view.

Made of light weight waxed canvas (with waxed cotton/poly liner) in two sizes to fit our stern seat (10" x 13" seat area) or the bow seat (10" x 18").


kneeling pad

kneeling pads

Kneeling Pads

These kneeling pads are made of half inch waterproof close-cell foam with a waterproof waxed canvas covering. The cross-pads measure 12" by 32" and can be positioned across the bottom of the canoe to provide a comfortable place to put your knees when kneeling in the canoe. Each pad has two tie-down loops so you can tie them to the gunwales and leave in the boat when portaging.

You can purchase a set of pads that comes with another pad measuring 12" x 26" which can be used either singly or the two are fitted together to form a "T" which will offer padding for feet as well as the knees. A velcro strip is sewn into the bottom of longer pad and to the top edge of the other so that they can be held securely together.

Order either single pad or a set.


padded yoke

Pad for Carved Yoke

This treated canvas-covered close-cell foam pad is attached to our contoured carved yoke to cushion the load over the portage trail. The pockets in the pad slip over the yoke and it is firmly attached with velcro straps.


portage pads

portage pads

Portage Pads for Curved Yoke

These portage pads are cushioned with water-proof close-cell foam and are covered with treated canvas. The stainless steel bolts are 3 3/4" apart and attach to an aluminum bar so they can be adjusted to fit any curved yoke. These hefty pads cusion and help distribute the weight of the canoe on a long portage. 4" wide by 8" long and 3" deep