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Canoe Parts

canoe yoke

Curved Yokes

We offer yokes in a flat, curved configuration which could be used as is for short carrys to the car, etc. or can be fitted with shoulder pads. These are available in either white ash or black cherry. They are unfinished.

Type of wood

canoe yoke

Carved Yokes

We also offer a hand-carved countoured yoke that is actually quite comfortable as well and very nice to look at. To make it even more comfortable it can be fitted with a pad velcroed to the carved yoke.Unfinished.

Type of wood



Our thwarts are nicely shaped of either white ash or black cherry. We offer them unfinished. Solo thwarts measure 28" long and tandem thwarts are 32" long. Handle thwarts are also available. These measure 10" long and are fitted behind the decks to carrying the canoe or can provide a place to tie a line or strap when tieing down to a car. All are unfinished.


cane seats

Caned Canoe Seats

Our seats are made of hardwood frames with pre-woven caning filling the seat area. The frames are from stock measuring 1 1/2" by 3/4" and are offered in either white ash or black cherry. The bow seats have a seat area measuring 18" by 10" and the stern seat has a seat area measuring 13" by 10". Seats are unfinished.

Type & choice of wood

canoe ribs


Ribs are made of white cedar and measure 2 3/8" wide at the widest and are tapered to 1 1/8" at the ends. Ribs 50 inches and longer are 5/16" thick and ribs 48" and shorter are 1/4" thick.

Ribstock is also available in 2 3/8" by 5/16" dimension by 96" long. Allow for some defects. All stock will make either one or two ribs for a canoe.

Additional shipping charges apply for lengths longer than 4'.

Rib Lengths:

canoe planking


Our planking is made of white cedar and measures 5/32" thick by 3" width. Stock is mostly clear and straight grained. Allow for some defects. All planking is available in 96" length or shorter.

$2.25 / foot (Add to cart to choose total length desired). Additional shipping charges apply to lengths over 4'.



We offer inwales in stock to 18' from clear, vertical-grain Sitka spruce. These are planed to a thickness of approximately 7/8" by 3/4"

Available in lengths of 16' ($30), 17' ($32) and 18' ($35).

Inwales cannot be shipped. When picked up from our shop please call ahead for availablity.



Outwales are availble in white ash. They measure approximately 7/8" deep by 3/4" wide with a 1/4" rabbet cut into one side to accomodate the edge of the planking and canvas in wood and canvas construction. These are square-edged and unsanded. You will need to provide any additional profile desired to the corners.

These are available in lengths of 16' ($40), 17' ($42), 18' ($47).

Outwales cannot be shipped. When picked up at out shop please call ahead for availability.