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clenching iron

Canoe Clenching Iron

Not all the planking can be clench-nailed on the solid canoe form. The planking installed off the form needs to be hand clenched with an iron. This iron has several surfaces and shapes to conform to all rib shapes, whether in the very ends of the canoe, in the turn-of-the-bilge or in the flatter bottom area. This iron is ideal for re-clenching the tacks, whether in a new canoe or in a canoe you are restoring.


clenching iron

Brad/nail puller

These are indispensible for pulling the small clench nails, staples or brad nails that are used in canoe construction. They have two claw ends, both of which come to a sharp point. They are 6 inches overall with a pry leg that is 1 3/4" wide.


canvas pliers

Canvas Stretching Pliers

These pliers are what we use to hand stretch canvas on to a canoe. While the canvas is stretched with a winch or come-along and shored from above or below, some hand stretching is always necessary in canvasing a canoe. These pliers are very easy to use and have a proud pivoting knob which can provide the leverage needed to yield a glove-tight fit of the canvas to the canoe.


scribe tool

Planking Scribe Tool

We make these tools from galvanized steel with cherry wood handle. They are a convenient way to scibe the shape of a plank in wood and canvas canoe construction.


Polycarbanate Strip

This strip is used to bend the ribs fairly over ribbands in the "one-off" open form method of canoe construction. The strips are 2 3/8" wide by 96". You may cut one strip to two appropriate lengths to build a typical canoe.