15′ tandem/solo canoe

Ami is a 15-foot version of the Mon amie. Its name is French for “friend” or “pal” as both of these models are inspired by the Chestnut Pal.

I was looking for a canoe I could portage into out-of-the-way lakes for fishing. I wanted something that I could handle myself for solo camping trips yet would also accommodate a partner in day-excursions. It had to have good initial stability to support the occasional cast from a standing position, yet also paddle well and be seaworthy.

Eureka! I have found it – this canoe does all that and more. It is surprisingly nimble and fast for a 15′ canoe with good initial stability. Very responsive paddled solo and tandem. Since this canoe is symmetrical it can be paddled in reverse and perhaps the best way to paddle it solo is doing that from the bow seat. You will need some counter balance in the form of gear or even a dry bag filled with water to achieve proper trim. The set up for this usually involves leaving out the bow quarter thwart and hanging the bow seat from wedge-shaped hangers that work as a truss making the seat serve as a thwart.

Moderate tumblehome, 1-1/2″ of rocker with a shallow-arched bottom.


Length 15′
Width at gunwale 33″
Width at beam 34″
Width at 4″ WL 33″
Weight: 50-55 lbs.
Depth at midships 12 1/2″
Height at ends 21 1/2″

Starting at $4795