13’6″ solo canoe

This is a shorter version of the Solitude, though it has some differences. There is a more defined bottom to bilge transition making it stiffen up a bit sooner when leaned. It will roll up on it’s side though is very comfortable resting flat. This makes the Damselfly feel very stable for such a small canoe.

A great day boat, it could also be used as a tripping boat for the average-sized person with a light camping kit. It has a bit of tumblehome for ease of paddling and the bottom is a comfortable shallow arch. There is ample rocker for turns, yet even empty it tracks just fine.

The seat may be set up with a tilt for kneeling or flat for sitting. Either way, you will find the canoe is happy to sit flat and is narrow enough that you can paddle it that way or, with very little effort, it can be leaned, narrowing the canoe so that you can paddle on one side or the other.

Symmetrical hull with Tumblehome, 1 1/2″ of rocker measured 12″ back of leading edge, shallow arched hull with a defined bottom.


Length 13′ 6″
Weight 36 lbs./ dacron, 40 lbs./canvas
Width at gunwale 28 3/4″ (outside of outwales)
Depth at midships 12 3/8″
Width at beam 29″
Height at ends 20″ measured from bottom at midships
Width at 4″ WL 27 3/4″

Starting at $4245