Mon amie

16’6″ tandem canoe

 While inspired by the Chestnut Pal, the Mon amie has significant differences. Most notably is that it is a bit longer. The added 6″ translates into a significant increase in volume  and performance. It has a bit harder bilge giving Mon amie more initial stability. While this would normally tend to make a canoe slower, the arched hull in the center is gathered into a shallow “V” at the ends which gives it a fine entry. This, combined with it’s additional length, make the Mon amie noticeably faster than it’s mentor.

This hull design rattled around in my head for several years before making it to paper and then into a form for production. It was meant to retain the friendly all-around nature of the Pal though with some increased performance. The Mon amie is definitely quicker than the Pal. It also stiffens up sooner when leaned, giving it a greater sense of stability. It tracks decidedly better, yet turns easily.

Since introducing this model it has gradually become our most popular tandem canoe of our collection.

Moderate tumblehome, 1 1/2″ of rocker with a shallow arched bottom.


Length: 16’6″
Width at gunwale: 34″
Width at beam: 35 3/4″
Width at 4″ WL 34 1/4″
Weight: 65 lbs. in canvas/58 lbs. in dacron
Depth at midships: 12 3/4″
Height at ends: 22″

Starting at $5095