Ordering a boat

We are usually backed up 6 months to a year from the time of an order to the time we can begin construction of a new boat. If you would like to discuss the various models we offer or any particular details I would ask you first email and then we can set up a time to talk on the phone. 

To order one of our boats I ask for a down payment of one third the final price. When construction begins on the boat I will contact you asking for an additional one third payment. The final third is due when the boat is completed. If you are not able to pick up the boat at that time there may be a storage fee that is due. We work throughout the year and sometimes the boats are completed in winter. If I know when you are able to take possession of the boat ahead of time I can usually stagger the work load to accommodate that. I am hesitant to give a firm completion date. I work at a pace to assure quality rather than a pace to assure the time of completion. 

For repair work on a boat I customarily ask for $500 to $1000 down and final payment when the job is done. I will try to work with the customer’s schedule, but working through the year some projects will be completed during the winter and, since space can be at a premium, it is appreciated if the repaired boat can be picked up shortly after it is completed. Please note that it is not possible to get all the orders and all the repair work done at the beginning of  spring when most everyone would like their boat. I will do my best to accommodate though will appreciate understanding and the willingness to work with my schedule as well.

Also, I normally do give precedence to new orders over the repairs, though if there is a particular date a boat is needed I will do my best to meet the request if it seems possible. I work alone and prefer to work at a pace where I can assure the quality of my work rather than at a pace designed to have something completed at a precise time. 

I look forward to working with you to build or restore a quality wooden boat for you. Thanks for considering my work.