14′ solo canoe

Solitude is shorter than the Unity yet is fuller in the ends and deeper, giving it plenty of volume for day use and extended trips as well.

This is a fun canoe to paddle whether you are out on a lake, a little pond or headed down river. It is very maneuverable and just seems to wait for your every command. It has plenty of tumblehome for ease of paddling and the bottom is a comfortable shallow arch. Ample rocker in the bow allows it to turn well, yet with slightly less rocker in the stern and also the way the arched hull turns to a “V” at the stems make this little boat track well.

The seat may be set up with a tilt for kneeling or flat for sitting. Either way, you will find you can lean the boat slightly to where it firms-up, shortening your reach and allowing it to be paddled almost effortlessly. If you are wanting to use it mostly for fishing there is a flatter spot in the center where it will sit if we drop the seat for additional stability.

Tumblehome,  1 3/4″ rocker, shallow arched hull.


Length 14′
Width at gunwale 27 1/2″
Width at beam 30″
Width at 4″ WL 28 1/4″
Weight 40 lbs.
Depth at midships 12 1/2″
Height at ends 19″

Starting at $4295