15’6″ solo canoe

The Unity is a wonderful boat. I wouldn’t change it in any way. But sometimes I can’t help myself. Wanting a little larger boat for longer solo excursions, I designed the Traveler. It will also accommodate the larger person who wants a solo canoe.

The Traveler, in addition to being longer than the Unity, is just a tad sleeker and is deeper.

I paddle this boat from a canted seat so that I can kneel and sit at the same time. This renders great control of the boat, making it easy to maneuver or lean to give protection from waves. The seat can be mounted in a fixed position either flat for sitting or canted for kneeling. 

Maximum carrying capacity is about 375 lbs.

Moderate tumblehome, 7/8″ of rocker with a shallow arched hull.


Length 15’6″
Width at gunwale 26 3/4″
Width at beam 29 1/4″
Width at 4″ WL 27 1/2″
Weight 45 lbs.
Depth at midships 12.5″
Height at ends: 18 3/4″

Starting at $4595