14’10” solo canoe

A wood and canvas solo canoe with many merits: easy to handle, steady, responsive, yet it tracks well. Not a speed daemon, this boat will glide through the water efficiently.

For me (180 lbs), this is the perfect boat on a short wilderness trip or for a day paddle, poking up a stream or gliding back down it. This boat will “dance” around the rocks and slide into the eddy behind them with the minimum amount of effort. I love the way this canoe handles on streams!

I have taken this boat on many camping trips. On longer trips, the Traveler has more reserve and is a bit swifter under paddle. Maximum carrying capacity is about 340 lbs.

The seat can be mounted fixed or sliding, using brass fittings on hardwood rail. The sliding seat can be set either flat or canted.

Moderate tumblehome, 7/8″ of rocker with a shallow arched hull.


Length 14’10”
Width at gunwale 27″
Width at beam 29 3/4″
Width at 4″ WL 28″
Weight 40 lbs.
Depth at midships 12″
Height at ends 17″

Starting at $4295